Slimbridge Local History Society


History Drive  Our first meeting on 15 February 2017 saw the unveiling of the biggest project for change the Society has ever undertaken.  Neil Howarth has constructed a Google Drive repository of the Societies archives to be known as the History Drive.  This has been a massive undertaking involving hours of sifting through records and then scanning and uploading them.  We know the work isn't quite complete yet, but there will be a huge amount for members to view and download for their use.

Access is quite simple.  In return for your annual membership fee and an email address you will be sent an invitation to join.  If you already have a Google account you will have a Google Drive, if not, you can simply open a free account and you are ready to go.  We know even these simple steps may be intimidating for some members so we have provided full instructions.

Don't be concerned about any damage you may do, the database is protected and you will only be able to download, not change, files.  What we would like you to do is tell us of any mistakes or omissions and we will update the record.  Join today and see for yourself - details on the About Us page.

Library  Not all the records lend themselves to uploading so we have acquired a large wheeled cabinet to store and make available books and documents at meetings.  Robin Polak has kindly agreed to be the librarian and, just like the History Drive, we are busy populating the shelves with suitable records.   The first step was to rescue the 'Geissler Diaries' from a dusty cupboard behind the organ in the church.   Margaret Geissler has been compiling annual scrapbooks for many years and they provide an interesting perspective on life in Slimbridge. 

 Margaret has moved out of the village this year so we have opened an annual folder for recording events on the History Drive.  We are deeply indebted to Margaret for her tremendous work in providing such a lasting legacy of village life.  Peter Harris has also agreed to keep a 'hard copy' diary as well which will be kept in the library.

Interviews  Lucy Kattenhorn has kindly agreed to start interviewing long-term village residents so that we can record their very personal recollections of village life.  As they are completed they will be uploaded to the History Drive.

Historical Houses  In response to a request from members we will be working with the residents of some of the historical houses in the village to bring the story of those houses and their residents to life.  The research will be conducted over the next 18 months and we hope to include the results as part of our presentation programme for 2018.