Slimbridge Local History Society

Archives and the History Drive

2017 sees a big change in how we use our archives and how we make them available.   This is explained in detail on the Projects page.

We hope that by making the History Drive available to members we will encourage them to undertake their own research and also feed back to us additional information which we can in turn add to the Drive.  I am sure you will understand that this is a big project and we will be adding and amending the Drive well into 2017, and possibly beyond!

In addition to the historical data we also plan to open a folder for each year in which we will include photographs of events in the Parish, effectively building a living history record.  Something similar was done in 2000 and that folder can be found on the History Drive.

Access to the History Drive will be made on payment of the annual membership fee and provision of an email address as explained on the About Us page.

Records include but are not limited to: